Email Verification

Email marketing is by far the most effective and cost efficient online marketing tool. For that reason it is important to keep your emailing list of contacts clean – you wouldn’t want sending 172,000 emails and have 20% of them bouncing and clogging your email!

Moreover, too many bounces can get you fired by your email provider, and most probably by your emailing service, be it MailChimp, Aweber, or any other.

A clean list gives you:

  1. Better conversion as you will get a higher click rate.
  2. Lower marketing costs as most email service providers charge based on your list size.
  3. Higher value of your list should you want to resell it.
  4. Lower risks as you would get only active email.

A large list (over 200,000 emails) should be verified monthly, small lists at least quarterly.

We are offering  email verification service at the rate of $1/1,000 emails, with subsequent discount for 100,000 emails and above.

How to proceed?

We require that you send us your list either in .csv or .txt format, only one email per line, and only emails in the file (no name, PO box, address, etc). Each file can contain up to 1 million emails (if you have more, then split them into different files.

Once your file is ready, send us your payment via Paypal – paypal[at]froggystyle[dot]biz. To calculate your payment:
[number of emails] / 1000 and rounded up to the next figure in $ (e.g. if your list has 17,547 emails, the payment would deb 17,547 / 1,000 = 17.547 rounded to $18.

Once the payment is sent, please copy the payment receipt and paste it in an email, attach your list together with the email, and send it all to paypal[at]froggystyle[dot]biz

Your cleaned list will be returned to you within 3 business days. You can specify if you want to receive only the clean emails back, if you want the full list with the basic statuses (“ok”, “fail”, “unknown”) – which is the format we send by default – or if you want the full detail (there are 17 sub-statuses in total, giving more insight on why the email is not active).

Please note that once the email list is cleaned and sent back to you, it is immediately deleted from our system. We do not store any of your data for obvious ethics and security reasons.

For any question, enquiries, or if you have large lists, feel free to contact us!

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